Founding Your Enterprise through VSA


To lead is to venture first, to be out front.  Not unlike Moses who got to go first with the Red Sea.  In 2012 Leadership that leads authentically is required; it’s no longer optional.  Authentic leadership is the art of seeing and fulfilling—delivering—the future as given by what is possible, not just predictable. Authentic Leadership enables invention, innovation, and being able to inspire, move and engage people in the fulfillment of the possible future, a future beyond current prediction. Innovative and authentic leadership can be taught, coached and developed.  It can be instilled, honored and practiced in any enterprise so willing.

  •     Rapidly.
  •     Affordably.
  •     So That It Sticks!


VSA demonstrates that entire enterprises and their cultures can foster innovation, commitment, and resilience such that high, inspired performance is the result.  A culture we define as: “a network of conversations that gives what people see as predictable, possible, and impossible.”  What and how people “see” gives their actions, moment-to-moment.  In the VSA: Vision-Strategy-Action SM programs, we introduce your management/leadership team to the future as itself, to the future as innovation, as what gets generated when we move beyond the predicted.  We enable our clients to stand in this future and invent their own authentic Mission, Vision And Values, as appropriate; or, to renew and make real their Mission, Vision, And Values, where already in place.

VSA: Vision-Strategy-Action SM

This work is done as a group, a group of managers and executives fast becoming a genuine team, in such a way that the leadership of the enterprise is left inspired, engaged, and committed to this future.  This work moves rapidly, powerfully and deeply –  in a matter of hours!  This framework, this foundation, for the future gets very specific and real and is grounded in A Three Year Strategic Destination.  A Strategic Destination makes vividly real, specific and palpable what the enterprise will look, feel and sound like, specifically in three years.  This work addresses markets, brands, strategy, products, services, selling, human resources, leadership, information technology, operations, in short, every critical aspect of your business.

VSA takes The Strategic Destination and has your group work from the framework of  S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) as to what the company currently has missing when matched against their 3 year future.  We search for and generate what is missing, not what is wrong.  We concretely and specifically formulate, vividly and with precision, what your three year Strategic Destination looks like, sounds like, feels like, and what specifically is needed and wanted now.  The S.W.O.T. then generates Strategic Themes and Objectives that are organized as A Balanced Scorecard. (The Balanced Scorecard was developed by Norton and Kaplan to restore balance to strategic planning… opposed to having everything out of balance as when strategic planning gets jammed into the next twitch in stock price).

We facilitate and enable the management/leadership team to generate together — what are your Top Three Objectives in each thrust of The Balanced Scorecard, which are:

  •     Finance.
  •     Customer.
  •     Operations.
  •     Learning & Development.


The top three Strategic Themes in each area are translated into Project Initiatives, with lead and lag metrics, specific targets, team leaders, beginning, middle and end milestones, and a written, up-to-date register for breakdowns and course corrections.  The net result of this is the enterprise has 8 – 12 clearly defined, clearly measured, clearly implementable breakthrough strategic destinations. These Project Initiatives that can be managed on one page, at a glance, are called “A Strategic Dashboard.”

The Strategic Dashboard generates guides and corrects action, day-to-day. It serves as the at-hand basis for managing course corrections.

The VSA: Vision-Strategy-Action SM program works.  VSA coaching moves more powerfully, authentically, and rapidly than any other strategy generation process today.  It is inspiring, engaging, at times, thrilling, and yet grounded, accountable and rigorous.  Until an enterprise generates an authentic mission, vision and values by which they live and work, and on that foundation, develop a focused, accessible, operational strategy, it is operating with one eye closed.

For enterprises seeking to launch or innovate new divisions, breakthrough projects, cultural integrations, mergers, acquisitions, subsidiary enterprises, turn-a-rounds, new enterprises, or who are simply seeking to re-new and expand beyond what you currently foresee and predict, the VSA: Vision- Strategy-Action SM program delivers your future..…the future you design, the future that most inspires and engages you, and your people.