Team Breakthrough Coaching

“I don’t know something until I invent it.”

– Richard Feynman, physicist and Nobel Laureate

Teams invent themselves.

Nobody lectures teams, and nobody pokes and prods teams, into becoming team. Teams literally ignite and forge that space, the juice, and unstoppable commitment that we all have seen in “awesome” teams………..for themselves.

Great coaches, however, can and do ignite the flame that starts and builds the fire.

Coaching that transforms teams allows groups of individuals, from high performing to low performing, to take a stand for each other, and for being an authentic team. Authentic teams create a purpose and a mission that leaves “no back door” to the mission being fulfilled.

We guarantee your mission, being effectively fulfilled, as the direction and outcome of creating team.

P.S.: All great teams have great leaders and great coaches. We get under the skin of the individualism and disconnection that suppresses authentic teams.

Examples: With the largest financial building project of its era, at $1.7 billion, the Time Warner Complex at Columbus Circle, NYC, we inspired and engaged 19 project leaders, both “suits” and “boots,”  to give up their agendas and commit, unmistakably, to each other, the team, the project, and their words. Outcomes: time, money, safety, team, and public recognition goals were met and exceeded throughout the project.

With a financial software company, the Chairman’s intimidating style and the President’s reserved style threatened initiatives, hiring, and resolving setbacks rapidly. Empowering breakthrough approaches (including skydiving in one instance) and confronting what was missing to be a  team allowed these 2 partners to generate an increase in stock value  from $0.08 a share to $27.00 per share (in 3 years on Nasdaq). Further, the wives and families of both partners benefitted directly from the renewed peace of mind and collaboration by the partners.