Loving and Mastering the Art of Selling

VSA Consulting Group, LLC transforms your relationship to one of the most essential skills there is: selling.


“Well, I already know how to do that!”

“Well, I don’t really have to sell, thank you very much.”

CONSIDER: You and I inherited our relationship to selling from our pasts, our decisions about “selling” first learned from our childhoods and early adulthoods.

That relationship is constrained, pinched by beliefs, negative experiences, biases, stereotypes and decisions we made, often unwittingly, as to what is this stuff called: “selling.”

No one is stuck with anything regarding selling. It is one of the most creative, productive, interpersonal arts there is when and if one is able to invent the art of selling for oneself—which invention allows selling, authentically, with full integrity and the juice of really being inspired.

In this coaching, VSA will enable you to complete your specific past with selling, and to invent it newly, without constraint, as a way of generating what is possible in life. Mastering and loving the art of selling is not just about what you do or know, but who you are, where you are coming from, with regards to this stuff called, “selling.” You gain the ability to learn, love, and contribute to the art of selling, for a lifetime.

Here is one cut that Tony Smith, a masterful sales coach, invented for himself:

“Selling is creating and communicating unmistakable value, value that inspires, engages, and contributes to another, and they say so.”

One critical way to “say so” is to buy. In other words, as the foundation of our VSA sales coaching, you will begin to love, learn—and master—The Art of Selling.

For seasoned professionals, VSA’s transformational approach to selling re-ignites the juice of the game, the adventure of the hunt, so you have it for yourself. For newcomers and mid-level performers, it allows a newfound self-confidence and ease to be expressed, effectively, and now.

On this foundation of Loving and Mastering the Art of Selling℠, VSA develops specific, cutting-edge skills you use in your markets, seen and unseen, both present and future. You become your mission, and your value proposition, in action, quite naturally.

Fundamentals such as generating leads, a powerful and engaging “elevator pitch,” generating and managing your pipeline, your marketing message, perceptive and clear profiles of end users/buyers, and methods of approaches and outreach are honed to a sharp, cutting edge that allows high performance, and high inspiration.

VSA coaching is founded on integrity—honoring your word as yourself. We undo the resignation, cynicism, and the “cheap shots” of manipulation often associated with selling.

Taking the case that everybody is always selling something in some way, VSA sales training lets you emerge as a powerful communicator, and professional salesperson, whether that is your job title or not.

And, we have you be clear that internal “sales” can matter as much as “in the market” sales.

Outcome? You make more money, a powerful difference, have more “juice,” and you generate what we call a breakthrough.