Leadership Coaching

We offer specifically tailored leadership programs for those who require a transformation in the leadership ability of their people who are leading, or going to lead, in their business. We have a unique and well researched insight into what causes and enables people to lead and we offer a program of coaching to assist that individual and his/her team to become fully aware of what it is to be a leader and most important to demonstrate the behaviors and actions of a leader. We produce a shift in people’s ability to fully be a leader that is distinct from merely having knowledge expertise or personal charisma. We coach beyond this, getting down to the inherent nature of what it is to be a leader. People are left with the experience of actually being a leader versus textbook theories or illustrations of leadership they have been taught,  “know about” or “heard of.” We provide people with his/her own access to being a leader that is distinct from being a manager.

Great executives are clear regarding the difference between leadership and management, and when to exercise each.

Our Leadership Programs are based on what is most important to the client and their business. We take the opportunity to become fully conversant with the current client business issues and the observable behaviors in play within the business. We look to see what is in the gap between the business need and the current business performance. We look at what is present and also what is missing in individual and collective behavior and organizational performance. We tailor the program based on what is seen as missing in what the business requires to cause a breakthrough in leadership and performance.  We provide unwavering clarity in what a business actually has at present and build the program from there. The size and length of the program will depend on the need and the scope of the leaders and their business.