Entrepreneurial Coaching

Coaching Entrepreneurs to the Next Level

Entrepreneurial Coaching is designed around a Breakthrough Management methodology to serve business owners, entrepreneurs and staff of small to mid-size organizations. It is an excellent program for any new and start-up businesses and provides a solid foundation for the enterprise’s future of small to mid-size companies that want and need a breakthrough in results.

This exceptional coaching structure gives business people key entrepreneur distinctions that empower them to ensure business success, while at the same time giving them the “freedom to be” and the experience of satisfaction and self-expression. This coaching relationship has a practical impact on basic business practices from sales and marketing to strategy formulation and implementation to attracting and developing a top team. It combines a proven, practical methodology which puts you in the driver’s seat and that is reliable in causing specific measurable results beyond past performance.

The program is specially designed to raise productivity levels in companies regardless of size, market, or type of products. Through coaching, individuals take on unforeseen outcomes and they develop new ways to examine the past as it relates to and impacts work, personal and family life. Ultimately they create innovative and powerful futures, unpredictable self-expression and satisfaction. We provide both the technical skills and the entrepreneurial energy necessary to succeed.  By focusing on building through our VSA: Vision-Strategy- Action Technology, we coach you to invent actions needed to realize breakthrough outcomes.


Results of the Coaching 

Generating unprecedented BHAGs (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals)

Eliciting extraordinary commitments from people. 

Accomplishing outcomes beyond what’s predictable, through creativity, innovation and resilience. 

Converting problems and breakdowns into immediate opportunities. 

Translating Vision into Strategy into Action: VSA. 

Strengthening financial viability. 

Nurturing and retaining the people in your organization.