Breakthrough Sales Coaching Programs

Taking Sales Teams to Extraordinary Levels of Effectiveness and Performance

“The proof is in our numbers. In the year and a quarter that you have been with our team, our client base has nearly doubled, our revenue quadrupled, and we have grown from being a start-up operation to being one of the 30 largest institutional brokerage firms in the country.”

– Seth Merrin, CEO, Liquidnet Technologies Corp.

VSA has developed a comprehensive program for creating breakthrough results with sales people. In the first stage, VSA evaluates and assesses the participants’ commitment and ability to carry out the company’s vision, policies and growth, which may lead to personnel adjustments and/or creating a recruitment program. These adjustments allow managers to focus on transforming effective sales people into excellent sales people, and implementing a recruitment program that enables the company to plan for growth.

The next step is to create a foundation of speaking and listening skills that radically transforms the individual salesperson’s experience of what is possible in their relationship to results. Through a series of challenging, provocative, hands-on conversations and exercises, sales teams discover competencies that they did not even know were missing. It could be said that sales is a function of creating possibilities through language; this work provides a powerful shift in the relationship of a salesperson to the language that they use.

In the next step, the coaching provides profoundly enhanced teamwork in the sales force and unprecedented levels of integrity become possible in both relationships with customers and the relationship of sales teams to the whole of the company.

Finally, more traditional and specific sales skills are delivered, e.g., generating leads and referrals, networking, closing skills, telephone sales, customer service and managing a pipeline. Each individual creates a method of outreach and a marketing message that targets and captures his or her end-users in the most effective manner possible.

VSA has highly trained coaches with many years of selling and marketing experience in a wide cross-section of industries. Our coaches draw from a very rich, eclectic background as well as VSA’s unique, proprietary approach that has consistently produced breakthrough results in our decades of service.