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A Cultural Shift

In order to foster the change that you’ve begun by realizing your breakthrough results, there will inevitably be a change in the culture of your work or office. VSA will help you and your teams through the transition and establish an environment with a malleable atmosphere, ready to adapt to your market demands. This is a culture of accountability, action-based results, coachability, employee-generated commitments, with an emphasis on ongoing training and development. It ensures that you and your company will sustainably achieve whatever breakthrough results you desire, both now, and in the future.

Creating a New Future

Too often when attempting the impossible, or difficult, we look to the past to forecast the outcome. While this works to predict more of the same, it doesn’t give you the space for the change that you really want to create. At VSA, we teach you how to break the habit of repeating the past, and then we give you the foundation and tools you need to create unprecedented results from a future that you design.

Taking Control of Your Future

Unprecedented results cannot be achieved looking at the scenery. At VSA, we get you in action, and we focus that action on the specific, measurable outcomes that you want to achieve. We shift you from being a spectator to being a real, active leader who owns your results and newfound abilities.

Holding you Accountable

The reason that most goals aren’t achieved is that people simply give up. The coaches at VSA are with you every step of the way to ensure that you are holding yourself accountable for your actions (or inaction), and to motivate you past whatever gets in your way. We’ll help you discover what stops you from being effective, either organizationally or individually, and go beyond that to new arenas of action and productivity.

Working through the Glitches

The path to breakthrough results is never easy. Along the way, frustration, disappointment, and problems will pop up to derail you from your goal. We help you to dismantle these “upsets” and to effectively handle the problems of others so that you are left resilient and effectively back in action.


When you want to have incredible results, the same old business as usual methods won’t lead you in the direction that you’re aiming. At VSA, we will coach you to generate a business plan that works and give you the exercises you need to make it sustainable. You’ve got a long road ahead and VSA gives you the maps and tools that you can continually use from start to finish—over a lifetime.


Every person is different. Every team is different. Every business is different. At VSA, we realize that you are uniquely you. That’s why we custom design our programs to fit each individual, as well as each individual’s program to work with the team. Whether through telephone coaching, assignments, role-playing exercises, or email, we work with your needs to find the best ways to reach your desired end results.

Adding Fun and Value

Change won’t take off if it’s pedantic and overbearing. At VSA, we keep the traditional broadcast-the-answer lectures to a minimum and instead use dynamic, participatory exercises so that our sessions are entertaining, valuable, practical, and immediate. We create an atmosphere of safety in participation and support so that the work is not only fun, but also something that you enjoy.