Head of a Major Global Investment Bank

“Since 2014 we have made leadership development a priority for our emerging high performers.  We have used a mix of our bankers, outside speakers, and coaches to create the right level of content, reflection, and pace.  Specifically, anchoring this program is a consulting firm that focuses on elevating performance… VSA Consulting.  The team at VSA has proven to have the commercial range, intellectual depth, straightforward candor, and provocative demeanor that I believe fits our organization well in developing leadership and elevating high performance.  They are fun, experienced, and powerful. 

This Leadership Development program evolves from the experiences of our previous two program cohorts, and we believe this third class will be even more impactful.  Through the evolution of program content, we have remained focused on empowering the performance of the next generation of leaders.  The program explores the mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets that enable powerful impact and self-belief.”