Tom Courtney Group

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  • Going from Good to Great
  • Increasing Revenue Streams
  • Developing Support Systems

The Challenge:

Tom Courtney, an investment banker in New York City, had alternating years of extraordinary and then predictable results. This seesaw of highs and lows made it difficult to develop a high performing team and create the clear competitive advantage he sought, in a crowded market place.

What Was Predictable:

He would continue to produce uneven results and have difficulty attracting and retaining the highest quality people.

The Breakthrough:

Tom Courtney becomes Managing Director and Principal of Emigrant Capital, a 150 million private equity fund, while retaining his existing investment banking business.

In the first year, Emigrant Capital invests 20 million in 7 companies.

The Courtney Group develops a team of 8 top level professionals with projects ranging from selling and buying companies to raising capital.

Deal flow increases 600% in the first year.

Founder Tom Courtney of the Courtney Group and Angelo Valenti, co-founder of VSA, speak at The Association for Corporate Growth, Los Angeles Chapter, to 500 participants re: how to dramatically increase deal flow while inspiring the partners.