Power Equipment Co.

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Spotlight on

  • Leadership Succession
  • Cohesive Teams
  • ROI

Presenting Situation:

A 4-generation family business that had developed a sound reputation and leading market share faced technology displacements and family tensions that constrained revenue, profit, market share, and reputation for market leadership.

The VSA Engagement:

The heir apparent was working individually to resolve family difficulties and to take on the leadership of the company. He did so after many years of indecision. VSA coached the 18 executives of the leadership team in our VSA: Vision-Strategy-Action methodology. VSA methodology enables executives to lead and manage from the future, and to generate authentic vision, strategy, and project initiatives beyond the plan, particularly impacting sales revenue, profitability, leadership development, and their brand.

The Breakthrough:

Family leadership disputes were resolved decisively and appropriately. Developing leaders internally became embedded inside regular training, development, and coaching. “The right people were put on the bus and in the right seats.” The entire sales team took on being coached inside an 8-month sales team breakthrough project which resulted in a 29% increase in revenue and a 29% increase in net profit, above plan, for 7 figure impacts, and with no other resources except the coaching. The company received a 2000% ROI on their coaching dollar.