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  • New Business Endeavors
  • Increasing Market Presence
  • Developing a Powerful Partnership
  • Attracting Talent

The Challenge:

Two partners with very different operating styles had bought a financial data service business, with financial and strategic challenges. Their partnership, profitability, creating a clear market position, and competing with the “big boys” were problematic.

What Was Predictable:

An incremental, effortful process of dealing with urgent issues, e.g., strategy development, key hires, selling, marketing against stiff competition, that was not working at the levels of which the leaders knew they were capable.

The Breakthrough:

The Chairman of the Board and the President generate a powerful working relationship such that they attract top industry talent that dramatically impacts sales, profitability and stock value.

Market Guide’s stock quickly rises from 0.08 to 3.00.

Under VSA’s guidance, Market Guide lands their biggest-ever deal with AOL, causing MG’s stock to peak at $29.00 and stabilize around $15.00 per share (from $4.00).

Predictable leadership & interpersonal issues are resolved powerfully, freeing MG’s leadership to focus on the successful development of a “best of breed” product in their industry, hire and develop top talent, and capturing a clear market niche.