Leadership in Education

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Spotlight on

  • Changing the Status Quo
  • Creating and Fulfilling Bold Statements
  • Applying Business Coaching to Passion Projects

James Oliverio, VSA Client, former head of technology for a major US investment bank, took on leadership in his Westchester community. He is now the founder and CEO of IdeaBOX LLC.

The Challenge:

Oliverio ran for and got appointed to his local school board. He immediately applied VSA Coaching: he took a stand, publicly declared what the schools can cause: create and fulfill a bold future, and do that much more efficiently and effectively as to resources, and deliver a bold, public purpose to inspire the whole town.

What Was Predictable:

That business as usual would continue to drag on. Union negotiations would take forever (3 years!); costs would be high; and no one would be reading from the same page. People would continue to lack inspiration and the “juice” of a bold future.

The Breakthrough:

Jim got on the Board, and took a bold public stand that anything is possible if we say so.

He used the VSA distinction, “Enrollment,” to transform what had been a lackluster and vague
statement of purpose into a simple, bold statement—Our education is: “A promise to
prepare for tomorrow.”

People are inspired, once again, and open to discover a new purpose, in action, day-to-day.

The Union negotiations went from a customary 3 years and $100,000.00 in legal fees to
3 months and $1200.00, consummated entirely without lawyers.

Jim has been invited to run for office.