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In 1985 in New York City, Angelo Valenti and Anthony Smith founded the company. VSA operates throughout the USA.  Our clients range from emerging businesses to Fortune 100 companies to government leaders to university presidents to world-class athletes and performing artists.  We consult, coach, and train executives, managers, and leaders to generate futures, outcomes, and abilities that move their enterprises beyond what they can foresee and predict, time and time again. We generate the design and facilitate the implementation of highly customized, uniquely-fitted programs that our clients invent for themselves through our coaching.

VSA’s ability to enable clients to invent new futures, new processes, new outcomes that were previously unseen, unsaid, and, in some cases, even unimaginable, is the heart of our work. We have the ability to invent ability, and that is what our clients gain from our engagements.

Critically, our clients are moved and deeply inspired by the challenge of breakthrough coaching, including the breakdowns, setbacks, and impasses. To consistently deliver cutting edge approaches, our team is uniquely and highly trained with over 100 years combined experience in transforming leadership, including transforming corporate leadership, high-level entrepreneurial leadership, public sector leadership, educational leadership, and not-for-profit leadership. Each of our consultants has experience working with thousands of people to generate the leadership, business acumen, and technical skill that allows an enterprise to shift from Good to Great.