What Our Clients Say – Written Testimonials

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We have made leadership development a priority for our emerging high performers.  Specifically, anchoring this program is a consulting firm that focuses on elevating performance (VSA Consulting).  The team at VSA has proven to have the commercial range, intellectual depth, straightforward candor and provocative demeanor that I believe fits our organization well in developing leadership and elevating high performance.  They are fun, experienced and powerful.  This Leadership Development program evolves from our previous initial offering, yet the focus on improving the performance of the next generation of leaders within the Department remains the same.  I invite you to participate.

- Head of Corporate Finance for Leading Global Investment Bank, January 7, 2015



I wanted to let you know that I was promoted to Managing Director this week. You and the VSA team certainly played a role in that–pushing for breakthroughs, teaching me to invent the future, etc. This was part of the ‘game’ and future and I articulated with your help–thanks so much and I look forward to taking even more ground.

- Managing Director, Global Investment Bank



VSA has assisted me in my business strategies and practices. At every plateau and critical juncture, they have been there, providing instrumental consulting, advice and coaching. They bring business acumen which goes beyond the real estate industry that has enabled my team to bring urgency to the many opportunities that we face daily. In the last three years, my team has produced remarkable results. In the first year, we closed the largest national account for C&W. Last year, we completed the 9th largest real estate transaction in the world.

- Fred Smith, Executive Director, Cushman & Wakefield



The proof is in our numbers.  In the year and a quarter that you have been with our team, our client base has nearly doubled, our revenue quadrupled, and we have grown from being a start-up operation to being one of the 30 largest institutional brokerage firms in the country.

- Seth Merrin, CEO, Liquidnet



The impact of VSA’s technology on my work performance has been significant and noticed by others.  I am a much more capable manager, leader and catalyst than ever before.  Most significant to me was the tangible and meaningful impact that this technology has made available to me in my everyday family life. I am quite simply a “better” husband and father than ever before.  So thank you, for helping me chart a new direction for my life, I will forever be grateful.

- Matthew J. Angelo, Vice President Human Resources, ARMSTRONG Worldwide Floor Products Operations



Our goals were clear and your guidance, your energy, and your knowledge got us to the finish line… We were even recognized publicly by our hotel client as ‘The Best Builders in NYC’.  This, (particular) goal of ours related to ‘pride’ and went beyond the normal ‘On Time and On Budget’ goals that everyone strives for.

- Steve Sommer, Senior Vice President, Bovis Lend Lease LMB, Inc



VSA created a high performance team utilizing Breakthrough Coaching. The team not only made their numbers for the first time in three years, they shattered their objective by achieving 148% of their quota.

- Doug Segal, Regional Sales Manager, Lucent Technologies



With VSA Consulting Group, we successfully developed a project, entitled “Simply the Best,” designed to provide the best possible care for Emergency Room patients by establishing a multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses and administrators who, through the coaching, were no longer encumbered by their past experiences of what didn’t work.

- Dr. Marc Borenstein, Director of the Emergency Medical Department, Major New York City Medical Center



Our average loan consultant increased efficiency over the same period last year by 73%. Loan closing ratios improved from 76% to 86%. The number of our consultants being rated ‘excellent’ in quality tripled.

- Brian P. Urbancic, Executive Vice President, Dynasty Funding Corp



VSA Consulting Group coached our team through our first product launch, VisionPROTM. Through VSA’s guidance in marketing, branding and packaging our services, we doubled our client base in just three months and doubled our internal staff to handle the additional business. This has boosted team morale with everyone moving toward the same goal — to be the best in our industry. VSA coached our team to [produce] a major breakthrough, putting us way ahead of our competitors and giving us a huge advantage.

-David H. Segura, President & CEO, Vision Information Technologies, Inc.



After three months of coaching, revenue is up 47% over the same period last year. Prior to the coaching, revenue was up 15%. From the start date of the coaching through today, revenue is up 99% over the same time last year — totally unpredictable, a complete breakthrough.

- Chris Glos, President & CEO, Interlink Data Systems, Inc.



VSA has assisted us in every stage: from sales initiating, recruiting and organizational design, staff development and deal negotiations, to breakthroughs in many areas. In addition, a number of our clients and portfolio companies have benefited from working with VSA.

- Tom Courtney, President, The Courtney Group